Whose Idea was it Anyway?

Its been a year since I started school again. I miss my job (and the paychecks that came with it) but I wouldn’t trade my current life for anything. I am in school with so many youngins that it makes me feel like I am 22 again. Granted it was not that long ago, but this feels like a second chance at enjoying college life. The first time around in undergrad wasn’t as much fun because I was either studying or working 24/7. Money was tight then because we had just moved to the US so it was all about trying to get good grades and making ends meet. Its slightly different this time around and while I am still worried about paying for this dental school education, my focus is pretty much getting good grades and enjoying life in school and spending the rest of my time doing things I love. B says the bright side of this is that I will have a second degree at the end of this and a chance at getting a third one. WHAT!

A few years ago I had everything going for me, a great job, a nice place to live, a wonderful husband to come home to and yet something was always missing. I was always complaining about how something wasn’t right. Now I know what wasn’t. I wasn’t happy with myself. I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing. So I changed it. And now that I have taken the next step in my career, I couldn’t be happier. All those cliched quotes about looking for happiness within are actually true. Who knew! No one said it was going to be easy. Change never is. In fact, this is the least sleep I have ever gotten in my life and this year has probably been the most stressful time of my life. I have acne scars, a thinning hairline, and several extra pounds to prove that. However, in all this stressful chaos, I am at peace. Maybe its the wisdom that comes with maturity or maybe my priorities and expectations from life have changed or maybe this school doesn’t leave me time to actually whine about anything but it really has been a wonderful ride so far.

The Punju has been extremely supportive but he has his moments. I mean I don’t blame him. I am running off to some study session or some school event or some social event with my classmates most of the time. The man deserves an award for putting up with my never ending projects! I don’t know what prompted this blog post but it feels good to blog! In other news, the Punju I celebrate our second fifth anniversary in December! Huh? Its been that long? Half a decade of being married! Its been one hell of a ride!

And Here We Are

There is something about milestones that makes me want to get all philosophical. I had forgotten about this little blog of mine, but I guess today would be a good day to post.

Five years ago, on this day, the Punju and I first got married. Then we got married again, a year and a half later. But it was on this day that we entered a legally binding contract that would ensure we got half of the worldly possessions we accumulated as a couple. Well good. I keep the ring, the house, the business, the most expensive set of sheets and this blog. He can have everything else if he wants.

When we were far away from each other, even getting married seemed like an unachievable goal and here I am, five years later wondering where the time flew? Its been a roller coaster ride with this one. Sometimes he is so infuriating, I want to take him to some faraway corner of the world and leave him there. Other times, I am so in love that I wonder how I got so lucky to find him. Life hasn’t gone exactly as planned these five years but today seems as fresh as the first day we met. I still call him to say I’ll be there in five minutes, he still gets there on time, and I still make him wait a minimum of fifteen minutes before I come running, mustering up apologies. He continues to sulk for the first five minutes and then I win him over. Lather, rinse, repeat.

We begin a new chapter of our journey soon. Bring it on. Until the next milestone…..

Keeping Track 2011 Part 2

We had just come back from the Bahamas cruise and life was just getting back to the daily humdrum. We worked like dogs on the weekdays and chilled at home on the weekends. Worked hard, play hard had become the name of the game. We spent our weekends catching up with family and friends and sleeping. I don’t remember exactly when but sometime in February or March, Punni called and invited us to her brother’s engagement party in Illinois. I wanted to go. It had been a while since we had seen them. I kept ranting about how she had promised she would come visit us but hadn’t and how we should go see her. The thing is, they live too far away. If only the United States was smaller. Anyhow, they had not decided the date yet but I promised her that I would go.

In the meantime, my good friend K from work asked me if I was interested in going to Paris with her. She had planned a trip later last year with her husband but it had not worked out. This time, her plan was that she would go for a few days, perhaps a long weekend. My gut reaction was a yes. You see, when you are married, your gut reactions usually have to also think about your other half. I told her I was mostly in, but I would get back to her later. I went home and talked to B about this girls trip I wanted to take. His thought was that I should go if I wanted to go. Great, done. I called K back and told her I was in. Before I knew it, we were thinking “Hey, if we are going to Paris, might as well stopover in another city on the way.” We picked London. London and Paris it was. Next, we picked possible dates. Turned out, we were both off around the same time in April. Searching and booking of tickets was done quickly and efficiently. We would leave on a Wednesday and return on a Monday. Done.

Soon after this was planned, Punni called to let us know that her brother’s engagement party was scheduled. It happened to be just Read the rest of this entry »

Keeping Track 2011

2011 has been full of events so far and as I was talking about these events that took place, a patient asked if I kept a journal. I don’t. It would definitely be a good idea to keep track of all that has happened this year, and so much has!

2011 started off quiet with a colder than usual winter and in anticipation of our first cruise. The planning that went into this cruise was something. B and I argued back and forth about going. I, as usual, wanted to go for a full week and B, as usual, wanted to go just for the weekend. Actually, if he had his way he wouldn’t want to go at all. Leaving work for him is too hard. Its not that he does not like to travel, but he is reluctant to leave the daily business with someone else. So after several weeks of bickering and nagging on my part, B finally agreed to go on a cruise. He said two days was okay and I said fine, we will go for four. I think he knows that if he settles for two days off, I will make him take four. And I think he was okay with going for four days but was afraid that if he said four, I would book it for eight. Ah well, we have now learnt to make our compromises.

The cruise was our first ever and as we went through check in and immigration procedures, it felt like we were going away to a far far away land. We found out later that the closest Bahamas island was Read the rest of this entry »

Bread Pakode ki Kasam

Band Baaja Baaraat is the latest romcom and also a hit from the YRF camp. I think the movie resonates with so many people because the characters are very real, the situations very real, and the things they do are what normal people would do like eating Bread Pakoda. It was also funny to see when Bittoo Sharma ordered their lunch, “do manchurian, ek veg, ek chicken, do chow mien, ek veg, ek chicken” That’s usually our order! Everytime, we order from the Thai place around the corner, I say “Two Pad Khi Maos one veg and one chicken” Anyhow, that’s not what this is about.

There is another scene in the beginning where Bittoo Sharma is trying to convince Shruti Kakkar to make him her business partner and swears on Bread Pakoda that he won’t be hitting on her and they will just remain business partners.

I did not grow up in the North and have no idea what Bread Pakoda even tastes like. It looked quite yummy while they were eating it. Ofcourse, as soon as Bittoo Sharma says “bread pakode ki kasam” my hubby says “can you make this at home? I haven’t had it in a long time” I roll my eyes thinking chalo one more food demand. Yet another thing he misses from back home and we can’t get it here. So I asked him to describe what it tasted like.

Here is the exact description he gave me: Read the rest of this entry »