And Here We Are

There is something about milestones that makes me want to get all philosophical. I had forgotten about this little blog of mine, but I guess today would be a good day to post.

Five years ago, on this day, the Punju and I first got married. Then we got married again, a year and a half later. But it was on this day that we entered a legally binding contract that would ensure we got half of the worldly possessions we accumulated as a couple. Well good. I keep the ring, the house, the business, the most expensive set of sheets and this blog. He can have everything else if he wants.

When we were far away from each other, even getting married seemed like an unachievable goal and here I am, five years later wondering where the time flew? Its been a roller coaster ride with this one. Sometimes he is so infuriating, I want to take him to some faraway corner of the world and leave him there. Other times, I am so in love that I wonder how I got so lucky to find him. Life hasn’t gone exactly as planned these five years but today seems as fresh as the first day we met. I still call him to say I’ll be there in five minutes, he still gets there on time, and I still make him wait a minimum of fifteen minutes before I come running, mustering up apologies. He continues to sulk for the first five minutes and then I win him over. Lather, rinse, repeat.

We begin a new chapter of our journey soon. Bring it on. Until the next milestone…..

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  2. 南一 says:

    that’s nice posting.

  3. And Here We Are »

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